Saturday, September 12, 2020

Welcome to Meow-Meow-Art

I am Diana Lim, and I am a full-time arts teacher, artist and caricaturist based in Singapore.

At my workshop, you are assured of 2 things: quality and fun at affordable rates. If there's anything good and cheap nowadays, it is my arts lesson.

Below are the services I am offering:
  1. art classes for children/adults
  2. Family Bonding art session
  3. caricature and portrait drawings
  4. fabric painting
  5. supply of artists for corporate events (face painting, caricature, balloon-scuplture etc...)
I also sell the following items at my workshop. Please browse through the website and place your orders with me via phone/email.
  1. bags, T-shirts, umbrellas with cartoon or ethnic drawings
  2. watercolour paintings
Do feel free to drop by my workshop at: 34 SEAH STREET

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Students' Paintings in July 2013

Watercolour by Yoke Eng

Watercolour roses by Miss Chia